Long gone are the days prior to Katherine Switzer when women were considered psychologically incapable of running the Boston Marathon and in fact the idea of a women’s marathon in the Olympics being absurd.

Gone are the days when women could not legally practice medicine let alone acquire a degree in it. To fathom a world in which women do not have the right to vote is entirely impossible and to think that a lady like me lived in such a world makes it even more preposterous (an important reason why we should all exercise that right).

I know there has been a significant amount of progress over the years with regard to women’s rights. I know.

However, I am utterly distressed by the mere fact that a single human being or a group as such can take us 1000 steps backwards due to reasons I am yet to comprehend.

We all need to be as bold if not bolder than the women who fought for women’s dignity, character and rights back in the day. It is not acceptable for us (not just as women but as the society as a whole) to sit back and watch men in power  or men in general interfere with and degrade our fundamental rights. Not at all.

Hence my applause to all of you, old and young, who are fighting for equal rights and equal opportunity for women across the globe!

Women are not property neither are they in any sense invaluable.

The decisions we make and our opinion on various issues should not be filtered through us being women.

Persons who portray us to be lesser human beings should without a doubt not be elected or appointed as a leaders. If such leaders are already in power, it is only reasonable that they are called out and if the worse comes to worst, ejected from their seat. Remember, our voices matter most and us coming together makes us a force that cannot be reckoned with.

Putting in place policies that negatively affect the fundamental rights of women is not just a huge violation of both local and international laws but also, what I’d call total BS.

You know, when the rights of one group of persons are discriminated upon it puts the rest of the society’s in line.

They’ll say the only thing holding us (women) back is the fact that we still somehow believe we do not have rights but I tell you today that, such basic statements from uninformed persons should not deter you from speaking out, calling out violators of our rights or even from marching in future. 

PS- A man is not less of a man if he is at the front row of the fight against inequality. In fact, that’s the kind of man every  young boy should emulate.

With that said, it is important to shed light on the term Feminism. The term has been construed to be ‘the advocacy against or hate on men’ leading many of us into shying off from declaring ourselves feminists.

Feminism in the very real sense calls for equality of both sexes. Therefore, you should have realized by now that, as long as you believe in equality, you are a feminist.



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  1. Mitch Maina says:

    Hey Jouwiee… This post was very powerful…nice points here…Looking forward to more from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jouwiee says:

      Mitch 🙂 Thank you, thank you!


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