5 Characteristics of Keepers



The statement ‘FRIENDS FOR KEEPS’ has really been used haphazardly. I for one has used it on people I barely talk to anymore.


Sometimes we say it because we are caught in the moment. For instance, when your friend lies, to save you from trouble or has bought you a very expensive birthday gift. You end up declaring them a ‘KEEPer’ because of that one act that pleased us.

Deal breakers:

1. Committed

Are you the one who always texts first? Does he or she ever ask you how you are doing before you ask them? A keeper does not wait for you to text or call first.

2. Caring



He or she will definitely check on you in the evening or night after a meet-up. To know if you got home safely.

A keeper will not leave you with a pack of wolves(metaphorically speaking). If you’re a girl and your friend leaves you in the hands of a group of ‘hungry’ boys, just so she can please them, then that’s not a keeper. She definitely does not care about what the ‘wolves’ are capable of doing to you.

A keeper will come see you in the hospital when you have been admitted. They may not stay by your bedside all day, passing by the hospital counts.

You will feel his or her presence when you are mourning the demise of your loved one. They may not have been there with you physically during that trying time, but you will feel their comfort because of the love they send your way, phone calls, texts, a card etc. It shows that they care about you.

3. Trustworthy

If you can’t trust this person with your personal belongings, let alone secrets. Then that person is definitely not a keeper.

Can they keep any of the secrets you tell them? or rather, can you walk around sure that they won’t spill your secrets? If the answer to that is ‘No’, then don’t go referring to them as keepers.

PS. Listen to your gut my friend!

4. Honest & Open

There is no relationship that can last if its full of lies. Fact!

So why say friendsforkeeps when the person you’re referring to  is not honest about some things?

A friend is a keeper if he or she tells you that the jacket you are about to step out in is too big for you.

They will tell you upfront that YOU are mean to your classmate or workmate. They don’t hide what others are afraid to tell you to your face. Such people are not to be let go of !

Remember, Fake friends will only tell you what you want to hear . Real friends won’t be afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear.

5. Help you grow 

-Physical growth

-Mental growth

-Spiritual growth

If a friend takes part in improving these and in general wholesome growth, then they are worth the title ‘Keeper’ .

We all want people in our life who make us not break us. If a friend only derails you spiritual, mental or even physical growth they aren’t not good for you! So, definitely that is NOT a keeper.



There characteristics are just but a few and apply to both casual and serious relationships.


We personally decide who is a keeper in our life and who isn’t – You don’t let a person in just because your other friends feel that the person is a keeper. We are different even when it comes to relating with people. So lets just say,

Your Keeper, Your Choice!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Martin Ndegwa says:

    I’m loving your blog,every word, pure prowess
    you have that twist,turn to edge of a lyrical genius

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kimanieva says:

    this has really helped!
    thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. angie:) says:

    I can count like….2! Yep… 2. wait does your cousin count? if so 4!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jouwiee says:

      😀 i wouldn’t include family.. but at least there are two you are sure about. hmph.. sometimes i find friendships to be so complicated


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